Actus Sécurité Confirmé 2012 S06

=> Further investigation of the Zero Access rootkit. 07/02/2012. «In a previous blog I explored the methods and techniques that Zero Access uses to hook kernel functions. One of the functions I mentioned was IoIsOperationSynchronous, which caught the eye of an astute reader. Why does Zero Access hook IoIsOperationSynchronous? (…).»
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=> RootSmart Android Malware. 10/02/2012. «Android’s increasing popularity, combined with the possibility to create alternative markets, makes this platform a fertile ground for malware authors. While most of these applications just exploit the inexperience of the average user that is looking for free software, others are pretty smart and use more sophisticated techniques to take, and keep, control of the infected devices (…).»
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=> Attacking the Phishers: An Autopsy on Compromised Phishing Websites. 10/02/2012. «In this article we will cover the results of an informal investigation I performed into phishing websites. Rather than simply reviewing them externally as a potential phishing victim would, I performed an autopsy on the tools, techniques and methods used by these cybercriminals. I will review how to find phishing sites to target and some general strategies for compromising their often vulnerable phishing applications. (…).»
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=> Operation Cleanup Japan (OCJP) by Hendrik Adrian – with samples. 11/02/2012. «Operation Cleanup Japan (OCJP) is the project initiated by Hendrik Adrian to make the Japanese internet safer through exposure of badware sites and data, the shutdown of malicious sites and in helping the Japanese community learn from security professionals about how to recognize and prevent malware (…).»
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